May 17, 2014 Storrs, Connecticut

E.O. Smith High School

Guest Speaker - Hunter Hammond

“Wrasse Keeping in a Reef Tank.”


Hunter Hammond is a marine hobbyist who currently keeps a 190g reef in his living room featuring numerous rare wrasses. He strives to be a leading expert in the captive care of all reef-safe wrasses. He has been in the marine hobby since 2009 and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his devoted partner. He is also the author of “Rare Wrasses of the World” Hunter’s professional career is in the aerospace engineering propulsion engine industry as a structures engineer. 

Hunter spoke at great depth about a wide variety of reef-safe wrasses. The members of CTARS were amazed!

John Swanson, who hosted the meeting, also presented to the club about his project at the E.O. Smith High School. Three students blew the adults away with their presentations on their current projects at the school as well. 

The meeting was a great success and there were a lot of happy members who left with not only incredible knowledge after this meeting but, with some great wrasses after the raffle. We even had a few people come down from New York as well!! 














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Photo's provided by Melissa Woomer